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The idea is to close the nutrient cycle of beer production. The project explores waste resources from the beer production and revaluates them by closing the natural cycle. It starts to collect human liquid bodily waste (urine) at events in Berlin and in Dortmund and feed it back to the barley fields as nutrients.


Once barley is ready to harvest, malting and brewing process would start in both cities. The spent grant will be used for mushroom production, baking bread or feeding to cows and chicken at cattle farms. The collecte dropping will be transformed to black humus, ready to grow hops next year.... The whole process will be video documented until the final beer and celebration dinner will ready to taste.



The video installation will be shown at the exhibition „Neu Gold – Bier. Kunst. Alchemie.“ at Dortmunder U. The exhibition of contemporary art will be held in celebration of the 500-year anniversary of the german purity law for beer brewing, which was issued in 1516.


The exhibition will take place from 27 November 2015 to 1 May 2016 at the Dortmund U, once the biggest brewery in europe, today the „center for art, education and creativity“. The show is curated by Stefan Riekeles.



By exploring different nature cycles from Beer production through art and simple systemic design context, the ‘Output’ resources become ‘Input’ resources for new activities. If successful, we can generate multiple benefits, while bringing increased cash flow and creating new jobs locally. This is the future style of production, referencing Systemic design by Prof. Luigi Bistagnino and the Blue Economy case study. ‪



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