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Barley Seeds and Hops Arrive
2. April 2015

Five hops-seedings called "Comet-Hopfenfechser" arrived safely, some of which can be harvested already this year. Starting next year, they will grow rapidly! Barley seeds also arrived safely. Called "Dr Francks grannenabwerfende Imperialgerste", it is a special type of older German barley, bred in 1905. Mr. Ullrich Schulze (Landwirtschaftskammer NRW) kindly supported us, by providing these seeds for our project.

Dinner and Craft Beer Tasting Night
8. April 2015 @Kusthalle/PLU41

40 people enjoyed tasting local beer and eating dinner together. We collected ca. 30 Litres of urine from the guests in the end. Urine contains good nutrients, which will help our barley to grow. We will celebrate again with our original beer together, once its finished in October. The Beer Tasting was moderated by brewing expert Cristal Peck / Cooks: Pierre Lejeune and Markus Shimizu

Barley Seeding Day
21. April 2015
@Botanical Garden Berlin

We seeded barley in the 15m2 field at Berlin Botanic Gardens. We are so happy to have their great support! Professor Alfons-E. Krieger showed me the seeding process. In contrast to the same project in Dortmund, the Berlin version is all hand work.

1st Nutrient Distribution Day
6. May 2015

I distributed our collected nutrients (diluted with a lot of water) over the barley field.

The gardeners told me later that a couple of pigeons were very busy eating my seeds! No!

2nd Nutrients Distribution Day
13. May 2015

Gardeners requested me to bring my own watering pot.... no problem.

Growing So Well
9. June 2015

It looks like I am watering weeds...

23. June 2015

Thanks to gardeners at TerraBoGa, botanic garden Berlin, for their big help.

The barley harvest may come earlier than I expected.

25. June 2015


7. July 2015


Golden Barley
15. July 2015

The barley has started to lie down, and I received the advice that if too much nitrogen (from urine) is given, this can happen. The barley’s color is turning gold. I need to find DIY malting method soon.

29. July 2015
4. August 2015
15. September 2015

Soaking them into water

17. September 2015


19. September 2015


20. September 2015


Malting - ready to dry
21. September 2015


09. October 2015


Brewing second day
10. October 2015


17. October 2015


Final Dinner
08. December 2015


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